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Chip Technology

Sencure is an innovative startup developing chip technology for medical wearable applications. Together with partners around the world we aim to drastically improve vital signs monitoring solutions for remote monitoring applications, in hospital diagnostics or even health tracking in consumer electronics.

Sencure SNCE-800

Problem-solving through out-of-the-box solutions

In today’s world, technology is everywhere, with our watches tracking our sleep and our phones monitoring our heart rate. However, the medical device industry lags behind, burdening patients with bulky, outdated monitoring devices. At Sencure, we understand this disparity and have developed a revolutionary chip that combines medical-grade performance, safety compliance, and loads of design expertise.

Our vision is to partner with innovators in the medical device and health tracking sectors to create the next generation of medical wearables. These devices will offer optimal performance, minimize patient burden, and simplify development and compliance.

Together with partners we collaborate on several projects to build better technology for future healthcare devices.


“Empowering our partners to focus on transforming patients’ lives worldwide”.


We develop wearable sensors that allow the monitoring of asthma using smart patches and textile-integrated electronics. Measuring EMG of the diaphragm muscle provides insights into the effort it takes to breath, resulting in better predictions of asthma attacks during the night.


In this European subsidy project, Sencure develops technology that will be integrated into a patch for pregnancy monitoring that combines the latest ultrasound technology and electrophysiological measurements. Monitoring fetal heart rate, maternal heart rate and contractions allow to better keep track of the health of the baby and improve risk pregnancy outcomes.



Sencure supports the development of an at-home monitoring solution for COPD patients together with the University of Twente, University Medical Center Groningen and various industrial partners.




We focus on electrophysiology. Data from various bioelectrical activity sources such as the heart (ECG), brain (EEG), respiratory (rEMG) and muscles (EMG) combined with posture and movement data are monitored and recorded with the highest data quality and accuracy.

A new way of thinking

Sencure has extensive knowledge in chip design, electrophysiology, biomedical data analysis, hardware, and software to develop innovative biosensor solutions that lead to improving the physical and mental health of people around the world. In this way product development is optimized, leading to faster time to market.

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Chip Technology


Our SNCE-800 is the core technology we have developed to enable the development of next-generation medical wearable devices.


Available as OEM devices and a display of our design capabilities.


Evaluate our SNCE-800 with our Development Kit. Dedicated configuration boards allow to use of all capabilities of the SNCE-800

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