About Sencure

Sencure is a Dutch start-up founded in 2021 that brings Medical Device developers and IC designers together under one roof. We develop IC technology that enables the development of next generation healthcare wearable devices.

We believe that using advanced chip technology we can improve the quality of medical wearable devices, increase the speed of medical device development, and reduce the size of such devices.

  • Improve quality
  • Accelerate development
  • Reduce size

Our team includes both Chip designers and experienced Medical Device developers and marketing and sales specialists in those fields. They understand your needs and even the needs of your customers. Our chip designers are backed by the skilled IC designers of Itom (www.itom.nl).


Benefits of in-home monitoring

We believe that ultimately all biometric measurements on patients that can be done in the home situation, will be done in the home situation. Hospitals will transform towards delivering only essential care and perform procedures that cannot be transferred into the home situation. The benefits of in-home monitoring and less burdensome measurement technology are evident.
We see that the medical device applications trend towards more remote, long-term patient monitoring and the logical consequence to use less obtrusive, less burdensome measurement technologies. The goal is to have as little influence on a patient’s daily life as possible, combined with a maximum impact on the patient’s life. This can be done by providing optimal data quality for more reliable diagnostic value, reducing the number of failing measurements and lowering external influences that might interfere with the interpretation of the data.
Furthermore, many manufacturers and medical device companies are struggling to comply to Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and meet the different relevant regulatory requirements, such as the IEC 60601-1. We bridge the gap between compliance and the best solutions for wearable health.

Highly skilled team

The Sencure team consists of highly skilled IC design engineers with specific domain knowledge in the fields of electrophysiology such as ECG, EMG and EEG measurements and they are backed by the IC designers of ItoM. Complementary to the R&D engineers, we have experienced people in the field of electrophysiological recordings and marketing of said products in the market. They understand your needs and even the needs of your customers. They are academically trained and are active participants in several scientific research projects and innovation products to keep up with the latest developments and scientific breakthroughs. Strong relations with key opinion leaders and the leading people in the scientific world make us a team with an excellent combination of skills that can bring your solutions further and help you to become more successful.

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