The solution: Sencure WearableXG

Docking Station

An easy-to-use system for biosensor technology

WearableXG system

Our biosensor wearable is a device that can be worn on the body to monitor various biological indicators, such as heart rate, respiratory rate and muscle and brain activity. It uses advanced biosensors and algorithms to provide real-time data on these physiological parameters. The sensor module is the portable monitoring device that can measure up to 2 days of worn biomedical data on a patient’s body.

An adhesive patch solution ensures that the sensor module remains on the body. The sensor module is then connected via bluetooth to a docking station, which connects the sensor module’s data to an application. This application displays the real-time information a provider needs to monitor the patient.

Technical Specifications WearableXG

The wearable comes with the correct documentation to be certified as a medical device. However, certification depends on the intended purpose of this device. Sencure can provide you with the documentation and information to comply with IEC and MDR and 60601-1 regulations without significant changes to the hardware and software. Please contact our technical specialists for more information.

Project NeoStartTrack

In collaboration with SNN and the EFRO, Sencure obtained a grant to develop an innovative biosensor.