Early detection of arrhythmia’s with Sencure

Meet our chip technology: SNCE-8xx IC

The SNCE-8xx IC is a chip that has been designed to measure electrophysiological activity with exceptional signal quality and low power consumption. This chip has been specifically designed for use in wearables and diagnostic applications, both in hospitals and for remote monitoring.

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Sencure WearableXG Biosensor Monitoring Device

Meet Sencure WearableXG, the biosensor wearable device that offers an effective solutions for measuring ECG activities, enabling users to take control of their health and wellbeing.

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Cardiovascular diseases are the #1 causes of deaths worldwide.

There is need for smarter ECG solutions

Cardiovascular disease causes one-third of deaths worldwide. One reason is the lack of access to quality health care and prevention and treatment providers. In many places around the world, people do not have access to the necessary treatments to prevent these conditions, leading to more severe and advanced cases that are more likely to lead to death.

Another reason for the high rates of cardiovascular disease is the aging population. As people age, their bodies undergo natural changes that can increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease can significantly affect a patient’s life. To prevent or treat cardiovascular disease early, a health care provider can use electrocardiography (ECG).

50.000 deaths every day

cardiovascular diseases

That's around 1 of the 3 deaths globally.

That’s 19 million deaths each year.

550 million people

currently living with cardiovascular diseases.

and 60 million cases are added every year

1/14 of the population

living with cardiovascular diseases.

Such as coronary heart disease, atrial fibrillation, heart failure, stroke etc.