Eureka Eurostars grant awarded for the development of a smart respiratory EMG shirt.

A new project aimed at developing a smart shirt for respiratory EMG measurements in children with asthma has received a Eureka Eurostars grant of more than €800,000. Partners from the Netherlands and Denmark will collaborate on the three-year project, which is scheduled to start in 2023. Within the project, Sencure is developing an algorithm to recognize asthma in children and hardware to measure diaphragm EMG. 

Eurostars is a European Union funding program that supports innovative projects in research and development. It is specifically designed to encourage and enhance cooperation between small and medium-sized enterprises and research organizations from different countries.

The smart shirt project will use innovative technology to accurately measure respiratory muscle activity in children with asthma, with the aim of improving diagnosis and treatment of the condition. By using a non-invasive method, the smart shirt will be a more comfortable and convenient option for children and their families. Asthma is a common condition that can have a significant impact on a child’s quality of life, and we believe this smart shirt will be a valuable tool to help manage and treat the condition more effectively.

With the grant, project partners will:

  • Develop respiratory (EMG) wearables for children to use in and outside the hospital
  • Perform a clinical study on children with respiratory disease who are admitted to the hospital
  • Use these data to develop predictive algorithms using Machine Learning techniques
  • Prepare integration with different hospital and home monitoring systems

The project is expected to make an important contribution in the field of respiratory health and could potentially have a major impact on the lives of children with asthma.

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