Home monitoring relieves the medical industry

Thanks to technological advances, we no longer always need to leave our homes for medical tests and monitoring. In the coming years, we expect to see an influx of home monitoring. The coronavirus home test kits that we have gotten used to in the past months and the home monitoring of patients with COVID-19, are good examples of this. Research has shown that home monitoring can reduce the number of in-patient days by 58%. Sencure aims to further relieve hospitals and patients of the burden of routine care by developing the next generation of medical wearables and monitoring devices. More complex testing will increasingly move to the home environment through further technological optimisation. Sencure wants to make a valuable contribution to technological developments.

More time for good care

We expect many easy-to-use and compact monitoring devices to be designed for at home in the coming years. ECG patches based on our chips are a good example of this. Unlike the more common Holter monitors or monitoring devices, patches can be optimised for energy consumption, performance and size.

The technology developed by Sencure allows for testing to be done at home, greatly reducing the need for patients to visit hospitals for routine care, allowing specialists more time to provide good care to patients. In many cases, home monitoring gives a more realistic screening of the patient’s daily life. It allows for more data to be input, increasing the chance of correct diagnoses and optimising further treatment in ways that are not always possible with regular hospital visits.

Thanks to these new developments, we are looking forward to the future!

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