Mission Statement

Sencure’s mission is to enable development of next generation medical wearables by developing specialized ICs (chips) for biometrical measurements to improve the quality of life of patients and healthy people.

Development of the best-of-class IC technology for measurement of EEG, ECG, EMG or more general: biometrical data.

Our chip-based solutions will bring the highest data quality and the lowest power consumption to an extremely small footprint. Our chips can be integrated into medical wearables. For example in disposable patches for ECG monitoring or in small brain signal monitoring devices.

We are simplifying medical device development for industrial partners.

Our team consists of highly skilled chip-designers and people with experience and know-how in the medical device industry. We use our specific domain knowledge and its challenges to combine all patient safety requirements with the highest possible data quality. We tackle the challenges of patient safety and compliance in an early stage and supply implementation support to alleviate the regulatory burden that MDR and 60601-1 compliance brings. We reduce product development risks and compliance issues in late stages of medical device development.

Innovation and progress are driven by science. We are actively participating in scientific research projects and support the use of our products in the scientific world.

Together with researchers around the globe we bring medical wearables to the next level. We seek partnerships for new and innovative methods, potential treatments and diagnostic tools using electrophysiological measurements.