Project NeoStartTrack

Sencure working on an innovative biosensor for newborns.

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Being born is the most challenging event mankind will experience. 10% of newborns do not breath. Because of oxygen shortage 7% of this group will face disability for the rest of the life and 7% will die. Project NeoStartTrack will strive to safeguard lives and costs to society.

Project goal

Goal is to develop a small medical ECG biosensor that can easily and independently measure breath sounds and heart rate and visualize this information to help doctors in getting newborns going (resuscitate).

Project result

The intended result is a functional working prototype that can be tested and validated on newborns in the hospital.

Innovative Biosensor

The innovative medical sensor should provide immediate feedback on the effectiveness of ventilation and the range of the heart rate. This will allow the medical team to directly anticipate the situation during the initial care of the newborn.

The solution: Sencure WearableXG

Docking Station

Sensor Module

Sencure WearableXG connects up to 6 ultra-small sensor modules that transmit the data wirelessly to a dockings station.

  • Ultra small (39 x 25 x 15 mm)
  • Market leading signal quality
  • BLE connection
  • Up to 24 hours battery life
  • 9-axis IMU
  • Up to 6 synchronous modules
Sensor Module Sencure
Docking Station Sencure

Docking Station

The 2 or 6 ultra-small sensor modules are charged and connected to the docking station via NFC.

  • WearableXG Docking Station
  • Charging stations 2-6 sensor modules
  • USB-C to PC
  • Easy to integrate in OEM software


Graphical visualization of transmitted data from the WearableXG docking station..

  • Open source Python application
  • Analysis of most accurate bio-electrical data
  • Simple UI to control
  • Easy export in CSV
  • Easy to interface in OEM software
Application Sencure

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