Our Story

Sencure is a Dutch start-up founded in 2021 that brings Medical Device developers and IC designers together under one roof. We develop IC technology that enables the development of next-generation healthcare wearable devices.

We believe that by using advanced chip technology you can improve the quality of smart wearable devices, increase the speed of development of medical devices, and reduce the size of such devices.

Our team includes chip designers, experienced medical device developers, and marketing & sales specialists in those fields.

Sencure is the new player in the world of wearable biosensor technology for remote monitoring that can be applied in health monitoring devices, disposable medical patches and health tracking solutions used in healthcare, preventive care, clinical research and wellness.

Sencure has extensive knowledge in chip design, electrophysiology, biomedical data analysis, hardware and software to develop innovative biosensor solutions that lead to improving the physical and mental health of people around the world.

Sencure products are used in a wide range of measuring bioelectrical data such as vital activities in people’s hearts, breathing, and brain. By measuring this data more accurately and offering an easy-to-use solution that capitalizes on the digital trend, we know how to accelerate innovations in the market.

Furthermore, many manufacturers and medical device companies are struggling to comply with Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and meet the different relevant regulatory requirements, such as the IEC 60601-1. We bridge the gap between compliance and the best solutions for wearable health.

Our team consists of highly skilled chip designers, experienced medical device developers, and result-based marketing & sales specialists who understand your needs and even the needs of your customers. Our team is academically trained and are active participant in several scientific research projects and innovation products to keep up with the latest developments and scientific breakthroughs. Strong relations with key opinion leaders and the leading people in the scientific world make us a team with an excellent combination of skills that can bring your solutions further and help you to become more successful.

Meet the people behind Sencure

Meet the people behind Sencure