Sustainability of healthcare systems are under pressure

Today’s global health care system faces a number of significant challenges. The increasing prevalence of chronic conditions requiring ongoing support is one major problem.

In addition, an aging population is also putting pressure on the health care system. This can lead to overcrowding in healthcare facilities due to the need for frequent medical care and longer wait times for patients who also need care.

The global healthcare system is under pressure and there is a need for innovative solutions such as remote monitoring and in-home applications to decrease the risks of these challenges. These types of solutions can provide more convenient, accessible, and cost-effective care for people, while also reducing the burden on hospitals and primary care facilities.


Need for reduction in healthcare costs or lower investments in medical devices


Due to global increase of chronic diseases such as COPD and Alzheimer


Treatments that should be provide in home-situations instead of hospitals

Better quality of care without medical wires

There is need for vital signs remote monitoring devices that can be both used in hospitals and in-home situations.


in existing medical devices such as Holter monitors and wearables.

100% Wireless

Focus on non-invasive remote devices without the use of any wires.

Multiple Monitoring

You have the possibility to connect up to 6 sensor modules from one place.


Meet our chip technology: SNCE-8xx IC

The SNCE-8xx IC is a chip that has been designed to measure electrophysiological activity with exceptional signal quality and low power consumption. This chip has been specifically designed for use in wearables and diagnostic applications, both in hospitals and for remote monitoring.


The SNCE-8xx IC is applicable for:

  • Cardiac Remote Monitoring
  • Respiratory Remote Monitoring
  • Neuro Remote Monitoring

Sencure WearableXG: Remote Monitoring

Meet Sencure WearableXG, the biosensor wearable device that offers an effective solution for measuring ECG activities and enabling users to take control of their health and wellbeing. WearableXG is a remote biosensor wearable solutions that can be applied easily in disposable and non-disposable medical patches.

Key Items of the WearableXG

  • Ultra small sensor modules
  • Docking Station to connect and charge sensor modules
  • Open Source Python Application

Cardiac Monitoring

Early detection of arrhythmia’s with Sencure.

Respiratory Monitoring

Early prevention of respiratory diseases and irregularities.

Neuro Monitoring

Measuring the vital signs of the brain with EEG.