Sencure appoints Dick Van Waes as new CEO

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dick van Waes as the new CEO of Sencure. Dick has joined our team in July 2022 to lead our company to a brand new phase using his experience in various roles in the medical device industry.

“Sencure’s mission is to create ChipTech specially for electrophysiology products that accelerate healthcare innovation to positively impact people’s lives, and from my experience Sencure’s technology is desperately needed“, says Van Waes. In addition, with the increasing burden on healthcare systems coming from an ageing population, smart solutions in healthcare are more important than ever.

Sencure is a startup that develops ICs and medical products for the healthcare industry. The company spun out from ItoM Medical in 2021 and expects to launch the first generation 8-channel biopotential sensing chip mid-2023. Van Waes: “This will accelerate health care innovations making use of revolutionary measurement technology while reducing power consumption.” Sencure has 11 employees and expects to grow to 20 to 25 in 2023. It has offices at the Health Hub Roden in Drenthe and at Kennispark Enschede, which is close to the University of Twente.

With our chip solution we aim to create solutions for both the healthcare and the consumer health monitoring industry. Our chip combines the lowest power consumption with market leading signal quality. Together with our partners, we are able to design the best possible healthcare solution: small wearables and smart devices, enable home monitoring and easy compliance to MDR and FDA regulations. In this way we capitalise on the digital trend: remote, easier and better.

Do you have questions for Sencure or for Dick? If so, please contact us by clicking here.

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