Sencure makes a move to an other location in Enschede

Sencure has recently made the decision to move to a new location of it’s R&D office that could accommodate the anticipated growth of the company in the coming years. The other office location of Sencure in Roden remains at the HealthHub.

Why did we decide to move? In short, we have big plans for the future of Sencure and we needed a space that could help our growth. Our current development location in Enschede has served us well over the last years, but as we continue to expand our team, we needed a space that could accommodate our needs.

The new location is located at Palatijn 14, in the heart of the Kennispark, close to the University of Twente, just as the old location. “A deliberate choice,” says Dick van Waes, CEO of Sencure. “We looked for office space on Kennispark because of the connection to the University of Twente and the buzz of innovation that you can almost feel around here.”

We look forward to welcoming you to our new office and to all the great things to come in this new chapter for Sencure.

Thank you for your continued support and we hope to see you at our new location soon!

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