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About the chip

Our SNCE-800 series revolutionizes biosensor development

8-channel biosensor chip

The SNCE-8xx IC is a chip that has been designed to measure electrophysiological activity with exceptional signal quality and low power consumption. It features 8 high-quality biopotential input channels, as well as bio-impedance measurement capabilities (in cascade up to 32 input channels).

Integrated patient safety

The chip has integrated patient safety features, which makes it easier to comply with IEC 60601-1 standards while maintaining high signal quality.

Wearables & diagnostic applications

This chip has been specifically designed for use in wearables and diagnostic applications, both in hospitals and for remote monitoring. The SNCE-800 IC series simplifies the development of measurement devices and can significantly reduce time-to-market.

Key features SNCE-8xx IC

  • 8 unipolar ExG / bipolar input channels and in cascade up to 32 inputs

  • Integrated 24-bit simultaneous sampling ADC for each channel

  • 2 and 4 point bio-impedance

  • Configurable data output rate up to 16k sps

  • Defibrillation proof, pace-detection supported

  • Lead-off detection, low power lead-on detection

  • Continuous electrode impedance measurement
  • Designed for compliance with 60601-1, 60601-1-2 and 60601-2-25

Advantages of SNCE-800 series

Unparalleled signal quality

Accurate measurement of electrophysiology with high quality and low noise. 

Ultra-low power consumption

Employs low supply voltages to reduce the power consumption and low threshold voltages to maintain the performance.

Innovative patient safety

Developed with IEC60601-1 medical regulations in mind

Reduce size and product complexity

Due to its size, the SNCE-8xx is easy to integrate into existing devices.

Project SNCE-800

In collaboration with SNN and the EFRO, Sencure obtained a grant to build an EXG amplifier platform technology for biometric applications

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