Valorisation grant for integrated electrophysiological amplifier technology!

Sencure develops a state-of-the-art Integrated Circuit and wireless, wearable ultra-high quality measurement platform for the use in Patches, Wearable medica devices and complex multi-channel systems.The project is funded by Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, EFRO and Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland (SNN). Read more about the project below.

Sencure was awarded a grant to develop an EXG amplifier platform technology for biometric applications.

Goal of the project

In this valorization project we are working on a next generation integrated electrophysiology amplifier platform technology which has multiple application possibilities.


This technology will be incorporated into wearables to enable electrophysiological measurements through dry electrodes. This allows measurements to be taken without patients having to go to the hospital.

Sencure SNCE-800

This next generation integrated electrophysiology amplifier technology has a name: Sencure SNCE-800 IC.

What is SNCE-8xx?

The SNCE-8xx IC is a chip that has been designed to measure electrophysiological activity with exceptional signal quality and low power consumption.

Result of the project

The intended platform IC enables the design of extremely compact and high-precision medical systems, with a long service life and with a very limited number of components.

Remote monitoring

As a result, it also offers many possibilities for hospital and home applications.

Advantage 1

Reduce size and

product complexity

Due to its size, the SNCE-8xx is easy to integrate into existing devices.

Advantage 1
Advantage 2

Advantage 2


signal quality

Accurate measurement of electrophysiology with high quality and low noise.

Advantage 3


power consumption

Employs low supply voltages to reduce the power consumption and low threshold voltages to maintain the performance.

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